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We hope that this game could be one for all of us to enjoy and dream together! In order to make Full Service happen we need your help to fund this project! The higher we can raise means we will have more resources to work with resulting in more content being created for the game! Unable to support by backing us? The total amount of SRR will be used to unlock the goals! Achieve special bonus artworks and find out how the secret characters look like!

YAY HOT DUDES! Dating Sim - Coming Out on Top #1 (Let's Play/Playthrough)

And finally since many of you asked for this, for the grand prize we will release Full Service Lite for free if the game is funded! Adult contents will be reworked to fit a SFW setup so it can be released on big digital stores like Google Play and Steam! Thank you for supporting this project!

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By doing so, you will get the Full Service game and other exclusive content so please check this out! Formerly was known as Black Monkey Pro now we are Herculion! Due to personal reasons we decided to disband and move on our own ways but it's not the end just yet! Our passion is still on fire and we are excited to finish what we've started 2 years ago. Our team members live in different countries and time zones. Some of us already have full-time jobs and only have weekends or spare time to work on the project.

We manage our schedule carefully because we're excited to create this wonderful project! We've experienced hardships through our previous group but we're also growing to become a solid company that can develop unique products with your help! Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ. Mar 12, - May 11, 60 days. Seventh Circle Kickstarter Demo. Rock Candy Games.

Purrfect Apawcalypse. An dog dating, choose your own adventure, cartoon horror game! One Thousand and One Days.

How to Watch the Star Wars Celebration Livestream

Will you fall in love or will you say goodbye? Signed and Sealed With a Kiss. Diplomatic Relations. A queer fantasy visual novel. Will you be able to find love or die alone? Philip Cal. A Gay Story.

Come out in college! Meet people, make friends, and maybe find a boyfriend? Marry Me, Jaehee! Jenny McKeon. That Bitter Taste. A short game about an unfortunate gay cannibal. The story of a prince who doesn't want to get married. Kiss the Ghoul. I played the demo and enjoyed it, though I didn't include it with the other demos because it was shorter.

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And, like, which of those are the most NSFW? I guess two hours? And nothing remotely NSFW. Getting the paths right on your first try, especially if you only played for two hours is nigh impossible - no wonder. If you don't have the patience or want to know what it looks like when you do it right - here's the CG set of one of the characters. If you still plan on playing the game I'd suggest not scrolling all too far down, heavy spoilers ahead. Your Character is exclusively a top with all of those guys. Yes, including the Bar owner. I love it in the Full Service demo where the characters are either top or bottom, so you can kind of choose.

And it's especially convenient that, out of the characters I like the most, one can either top or bottom. My only wish would be that Sota would be a top, though. Hopefully it gets in the final release of the game: Morenatsu you get a few minutes of description and sex sounds, along with 1 picture per sex scene. Some character have 2 sex scenes. Lagoon Lounge has sex scenes with every character at least once a game. Blackgate is more 'realistic' in their art choices. I've only romanced Gruff and the first sex scene art made me horny and a bit repulsed.

Kitako has 1, though there's no art for it, he has a nude sprite. No penetration so far, Gruff has a 69 and jack-off scene.


Extraculicular Activities has 2 routes with a sex minigame. In both you explore the bodies of Spencer and Coach Grifter. It's like those flash games where you touch to get a guy hard. Really nice story and writing though, the game has one of the best of the ones I wrote.

Top rated games tagged Dating Sim and LGBT -

Dream Daddy just came out recently. It's got some pretty good dates and story, just had a bad reputation from people who don't like small things about it and don't want it to be successful. If you make a beeline for you favorite dad, and ignore the rest, the game is super short. To get the most out of the game, You need to date all the dads a couple times. The writing in the game is really good. The characters are all endearing in their own way, especially your daughter who you spend more of your time with than any other character, naturally.

The daddies all have depth to them, which not all dating sims offer. Personally, I think the game has a lot of heart, which I like. Some sims come off as a bit shallow to me I found my first playthrough of Coming Out On Top to be pretty disappointing as far as romance goes for example. I have not.

I played the professor's route, which felt weird ending at the point it did. The End. I agree with HotDoes, Ian has the most romantic route of the 3 I played. Brad's a bit shallow though. The Amos was a bit more than just a wait and fuck like Brad. I've nearly finished it and steam tells me I have 8 hours on it. I'd say I have one hour left to complete the game. The game is not perfect but for the price, the amount of hours and the quality of most of the writing, I'd say it's a pretty cool game: The whole dad book thing was so freakin lazy of them.

Though I love the interactions with the daughter.

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Well that's just not true. I actually enjoyed the game but there are plenty of things wrong with it. There are plenty of things wrong with most games but it all comes down to the person playing the games preferences.

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Of course. But players who have valid criticisms about the game aren't looking to keep it from succeeding. The criticisms of a redacted ending is what I see people complaining about the most, I don't think that's a valid criticism. That's absolutely not what's complained about most. Not even by a long shot if you read the Steam reviews. I'm going to leave the back-and-forth here.

But again, I enjoyed the game and a huge fan of the Grumps. I'm a gay man, and I'm happy with how it was presented.