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This is specifically true in Thailand topped off by the fact some apps are more popular for different activities and types of people, whether that be money boys, Asian guys or western guys. There are way too many gay dating apps to cover all of them so we will cover the 4 most popular, these being Grindr, Hornet, Planet Romeo and Blued.

Best Gay Dating Apps in Thailand - The Naughty Nomad

Grindr is a huge app globally and certainly the biggest in the Western World. You will find mostly tourists on Grindr, mixed in with a few local guys and a bunch of money boys looking for customers. In my opinion Hornet is the best gay dating app in Thailand. There are far more users online than other apps.

How To Arrange Your Dates

If you have the funds, grab a premium subscription to help you narrow down what you are looking for. Their advertising is discrete, the latest phone app works fine AND I can have several filters applied for free. But there must be some way I have not yet worked out of seeing guys further away. I have been contacted by quite a few guys from several kms away, one of whom is coming to Bangkok this weekend and we plan to meet.

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Mercifully there are almost no advertisements at present. I assume that will change. If you happen to be heading for China and start a conversation, most guys on Blued will want to move over to WeChat rather than Line or WhatsApp. If you happen to be heading for China. Which China are you referring to?

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Mainland China? Hong Kong? I expect to return exhausted! First I generally did not use the apps often in BKK. I found the size of the city made for much harder hook up because of distances involved and the fact many of the boys on the apps are not technically money boys.

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  • In other words they had real jobs or were actually in a University. When I visited Thailand, I had no interest to fall in love. I want sex partners. So Romeo for a long time was my first choice and then over time added Hornet and Jack'd.

    Like GB my overall satisfaction rate was very high. Plus I love being able to find someone in the morning or the afternoon when Bars don't exist and rarely did I contact anyone on any of those apps where the boy was not a money boy. As time went on Romeo was till my first choice but the other 2 certainly provide me with lots of boys. As a result I spent less and less time in the Bars. Since I don't drink they became less and less interesting to me and frankly most don't know how to run a Bar.

    The days of Kaos in Sunee etc would certainly still attract me but I rarely find that type of Bar any longer.

    The 2 Best Gay Online Dating Sites in Thailand

    Sometimes if a boy looked too good to be true and he told me where he worked , I would visit that Bar. However recently I have started to scout Romeo for future meetings and find the offerings the worst I can remember. I have a hard time finding anyone that really interests me.

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